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Your Dealership Showroom Traffic, Delivered
Promolosity® is the Automotive Industry’s #1 Big Prize Sweepstakes management platform that drives showroom traffic to your dealership.
Forget What You Know About Incentive-Based Marketing
No more $25 gift card for a test drive. Promolosity®
is a powerful digital marketing solution that drives robust consumer foot traffic to your dealership through enticing big prize opportunity games.
Easy as 1, 2, 3.
Our easy-to-use automated sweepstakes management platform does all the heavy lifting.
1. Choose Prize Value
You can choose to offer a grand prize of up to $100,000!
2. Install one (1) line of code
Simply install one line of dealer compliant code on your website
3. Generate Leads
Greet your showroom traffic leads and run the VIN MATCH GAMETM.
A Better Way to Manage Incentive-Based Marketing Campaigns
Nationally-Approved Big Prize Provider
Whether its $100 or $100,000, we are approved to provide your desired prize value.
Fully Automated Sweepstakes Management System
From campaign creation to ultimate prize fulfillment and everything in between, our system fully manages the campaign
ADF/XML Lead Compliant
Qualified leads are generated and delivered to your CRM via industry standard ADF/XML format
Pertinent Lead Information
Full consumer contact information, desired appointment time, and current vehicle information is delivered to your CRM ahead of the consumer’s anticipated showroom visit.
Fulfillment & Legal
Our system provides all required legal compliance and ultimately we fulfill the grand prize to the winner, not you.
Big Prize Games, Finally Within Your Reach
Leverage our Nationally-Approved Big Prize Program to deliver traffic where it matters most.... to your dealership.
Increase Engagement
Offering the chance to win up to $100,000 generates far greater engagement than a $25 gift card for a test drive.
Convert Website Traffic
Capture and convert anonymous website traffic on your site.
Increase Showroom Visits
Drive showroom visits through the consumer’s participation in the VIN MATCH GAMETM .
Target In-Market & Conquest Buyers
Use our powerfully-enticing incentives to target consumers with highest intent to buy as well as competitive dealership/brand consumers.
Sell More Cars

You’ll be equipped with the consumer’s vehicle information prior to showroom arrival, thus giving you the opportunity to prepare a custom sales offering.
Be #1 in Your Market in Generating Showroom Visits
Use big prize games of chance to target in-market and competitive dealership customers in your market.
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Use the #1 incentive-based marketing tool to increase showroom visits, conversions and sales.
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